The Best of LensCulture, Volume 4

How do you discover the most interesting photography in the world today? Here are 92 photographers who are making remarkable work right now—and we think you should know about them. 

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In this book, you will find work spanning 33 countries, six continents and a multitude of important topics—a truly global snapshot of photography at its best in the 21st century.

“It always amazes me that just when I think there’s nothing left to do in photography and that all permutations and possibilities have been exhausted, someone comes along and puts the medium to new use, and makes it his or her own, yanks it out of this kind of amateur status, and makes it as profound and as moving and as formally interesting as any other medium.” – Chuck Close.

Since 2004, LensCulture has sought to discover the most interesting photographers working worldwide, and it is still a joy to discover pictures that feel completely new, fresh, energized, exciting, surprising, and relevant in today’s ever-changing world.

Yet, of the billions of photographs made every day on the planet, which ones deserve our attention? For this book, we’ve relied on the expertise and personal taste of more than 40 experts who deal with photography every day of their lives. They have combed through thousands of photographs from people in more than 150 countries on six continents to select the pictures you can discover in this book.

The people who made these images come from all walks of life, and hold many different points of view. Yet they all use this visual language with a sense of mastery and proficiency that raises these pictures (and the stories they tell and the ideas they suggest) far above the ordinary, making them worthy of our time, attention, and contemplation.

Every photographer featured in this book is an award winner. Each is worth getting to know on a deeper level. This book is the starting point of many great discoveries that await you.


Features and Reviews
Focus magazine (November 2020)
Best Photography Books of 2020, by Elizabeth Avedon  


Design: Heijdens Karwei, Amsterdam
ISBN:  9789053309346
Format: 19 x 24.5 cm
180 pages with approximately 150 images in full colour and b&w

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