Dutch Full House

Dutch Full House at Schilt Publishing & Gallery

4 wonderful Dutch photographers in one gallery

23 February – 8 March, 2020
Opening: Sunday 23 February 15:00-17:00

Schilt Publishing & Gallery is located in a multi multi-storey. This makes it possible to organize a
special event now and then in which we use all floors of the building. It is with pleasure that we
announce our upcoming exhibition of over 40 works of 4 artists on 4 floors!

Dutch Full House
Works from Geert Broertjes, Lotte Bronsgeest, Vivian Keulards en Carla Kogelman
With this special exhibition we show beautiful, intriguing and exquisite prints in black and white
and full colour, covering vulnerability, addiction, darkness, and even death, but also playful
childhood and uncomplicated life.

Come and join us on this wonderful and special event, meet the photographers, wander through
the building and let yourself be surprised by the superb quality of these 4 amazing artists.
Schilt Publishing & Gallery is fortunate to have published already also books with 3 of the artists:
One Year by Geert Broertjes, To Hans by Vivian Keulards and I am Waldviertel by Carla Kogelman.
But a book with the new work (Project C) by Geert Broertjes and Lotte Bronsgeest will be
published in the near future!

We are looking forward very much to this special afternoon and hope you will join us!
Please let us know by sending an email to lilia@schiltpublishing.com. Thank you!