My Other Side

When something happens with your body in such a way that it influences your daily life dramatically, it causes you to live in a twilight zone. Camille Renée Devid’s My Other Side shows and admits sides of herself which one cannot see from the outside. Her physical struggle is an intimate and lonely fight; it even became an obsession.

Author: Camille Renee Devid


At first, Camille was mentally not able to photograph her own fragile nudity and physical weakness. But in the end she had no choice.
She had to do it for her own future well-being and to release her artistic creativity. She decided to set aside her fear and started photographing herself in her darkest moments; shooting when she was feeling ugly, worn out and in pain. No longer the pretty, fearless and successful woman she used to be. But during that process she found out that showing her vulnerability helped her a lot. It turned out to be not only negative but a source of empathy, connection, courage, creativity, even of love.

And it did release the best of her artistic capabilities, because Camille’s powerful and passionate black-and-white photographs are a shocking, sincere, but at the same time very moving search for lost happiness.


22 x 24.5 cm
Grey carton softcover with banderole
48 pages with 27 photos in tritone
Digital c-type print
Choice of two prints, each edition of 15

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