Other Animals – Signed

Other Animals offers a series of sleek and flawless portraits of expressive and evidently emotional creatures.’

GUP Magazine

Author: Elliot Ross


Other Animals is the sequel to American artist Elliot Ross’ critically acclaimed book of photographic animal portraits titled Animal (Schilt Publishing, 2010). Approaching more closely subjects of many species, he has continued examining his thoughts and feelings about being an animal in a world with other animals: the wonder and beauty, as well as the unease. In this book he studies other species’ similarities and differences, the textures, physiques, and apparent physiognomies while using free-hand drawing techniques he has developed within digital imaging. The result is a group of strikingly sculptural black and white portraits that are at once photographs and drawings.

Elliot Ross was born in Chicago. He was awarded a Master of Fine Arts degree from the San Francisco Art Institute in 1971. His work can be found in the collections of many famous institutes around the world. Ross is represented by Schilt Publishing Gallery. He lives in San Francisco and New York City.


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Design: LevievanderMeer
ISBN: 9789053308356
24 x 32 cm
Hardbound with dust jacket
104 pages with 50 photos in tritone

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