The act of making images is in itself a way of living life for Danish artist Lotte Fløe Christensen. She works as a visual philosopher with photography and nature to construct images that explore existential issues. She enters the landscape using herself as a measuring tool, gently pulls plants through paper to isolate them from their natural environment, or brings back parts of nature to her outdoor studio to build fragile constructions.

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Author: Lotte Floe Christensen


‘Stick, paper, platform. The hand, body and gaze touch on their surroundings. Often aimlessly, occasionally purposefully. They can end anywhere, for example in images which, in the art of Lotte Fløe Christensen, unfold between classical landscape photography and a curious, exploratory and sometimes even sculptural practice. The images are both works in their own right and a documentation of the artist’s activities in the landscape – a form of absent-minded wandering interrupted by the kind of fragile constructions and signs we create alone in the woods. They are therefore related, yet very different, in expressive form. The images operate on different scales, from the micro scale of inconspicuous stick structures, to them monumental macro scale of landscapes. And between them: the body looking at and acting in the world, because there is a constant and highly physical doing at play here. Somebody (a woman) does something somewhere: looks, crawls, struggles with a sheet of flapping paper, constructs precarious platforms, unstable scaffolding for… for what? Is it a game?’
Extract from essay in the book by Lars Kiel Bertelsen

Lotte Fløe Christensen, born in 1979 in the Danish countryside, is a visual artist now based in Copenhagen, Denmark. She holds an MFA in Photography from Valand Academy in Gothenburg, Sweden and a BA in Fine Art Photography from the Glasgow School of Art, Scotland. Her work deals with the relation between the human mind and the natural surroundings. It has been shown in various countries, including Denmark, Sweden, France, Austria, Slovenia, Canada, the USA, China and South Korea. She has received work grants from the Eric Ericsson Foundation and the Danish Arts Foundation, and is also represented in this collection.


Design: LevievanderMeer
ISBN: 9789053308837
17 x 22 cm
Hardcover with dust jacket
64 pages with 29 photos in full colour

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