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29 September - 5 January 2019

Elena Anosova work concentrates on boundaries and isolation. The Out-of-the-way story, made between 2015 and 2017, is about a settlement in the far North of Russia, founded about 300 years ago by Anosova’s ancestors and other people. She has never been there before, and traveled there for the first time to shoot this story. In her work Anosova explores the isolated microcosm. People in that region preserve not only their identity, but also their myths and legends. The place is the epitome of mythology. It was important for Elena Anosova to show this amazing community, that conserves itself and accepts the new only with great caution.

Elena Anosova lives between Moscow and Irkutsk. Her work explores subjects of isolation and borders and has been critically acclaimed by media and institutions worldwide. She is the winner of multiple awards, including LensCulture Exposure Awards and World Press Photo. Her work has been exhibited during group and solo exhibitions in Russia, Japan, China, Turkey, Austria, Italy, UK and the USA. She is a member of MAPS collective.
Please read an inspiring interview with Elena Anosova by LensCulture here.

Events with Elena Anosova in December: 

Artist talk: Elena Anosova at Theater Vrijburcht. Saturday, 1 December 2018, 20:30.
Finissage: Schilt Publishing & Gallery. Saturday, 15 December 2018, 16:00-19:00.