Lotte Fløe Christensen




In 2009, Lotte Fløe Christensen travelled to the Canadian wilderness. As so often before, venturing into nature, she had her camera with her and was out to make pictures. Among mountains and trees, she found a good spot for an image. She put up the camera, ran into the frame and placed herself with a map between her hands. A “click” sounded, but not the usual “clack” of the mirror falling back into place - the camera was out of order. Being far away from civilization with a non-operational camera, the situation all of a sudden felt meaningless. It was the making of images, the exploration and documentation, that was her tool for being in, and dealing with, this foreign landscape. To create felt more important than to be.


The act of making images is in itself a way of living life for the Danish artist. The camera and the act of constructing and making an image is an essential approach to the world in search of an understanding of her place in it. She works as a visual philosopher with photography and nature to construct images that explore existential issues. She enters the landscape using herself as a measuring tool, gently pulls plants though paper to isolate them from their natural environment, or brings back parts of nature to her outdoor studio to build fragile constructions. In line with the tradition of representing landscape in art history, in Lotte Christensen’s work, nature acts as a projection screen for inner human dilemmas.


Lotte Fløe Christensen’s work speaks to the imminent human desire for a sense of meaning in existence: Why am I here in this world? As we measure, categorise and examine the world around us in order to understand and define our lives, we end up building an almost tragi-comical connection to the natural world, such as that of the scientist – at once observing and being part of the natural world. In the images and sculptural work of Christensen, this balance between heartfelt, honest attempts of making meaning and the sometimes humorous results co-exist in a strange and poetical universe.

ISBN: 9789053308837
17 x 22 cm Hardcover with dust jacket 76 pages with approx. 40 photos in full colour
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