Camilla Jensen



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Over a period of two years Camilla Jensen has explored herself as a photographic territory. The material gathered consists of multiple series of self-portraits, all captured as reflections in old mirrors. During the process of facing and examining herself through the lens, considerations and thoughts on inheritance and legacy has taken form as an essay that includes an investigation of the possibilities of breaking free of genetics and family bound patterns.  


Leaping through wormholes and shifting orbits, Jensen compares her own quest in capturing a true portrait of herself with quantum leaps and star-birth, emphasising her personal discovery of a strong connection between courage and mercy. 



Camilla Jensen, born 1967, lives on a peninsula outside of Oslo, Norway where she works as a photographer, writer and translator. She has taken part in various solo and collective exhibitions, illustrated books and is one of nine participants in the third edition of Norwegian Journal of Photography (2017). Quantum is her first larger personal photo project.  

ISBN: 9789053309087
Format: 14.8 x 21 cm Cloth hardcover 104 pages plus 12 pages leporello, with 64 photos in duotone
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