Ananda van der Pluijm

An Incomplete History


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An Incomplete History is a reflection of what’s left after erosion has hit a life. Soil is the earth’s fragile skin that anchors all life. When this soil slips away, a life crumbles, a family falls apart and memories start to fade.


Ananda uses photography to reconnect with her surroundings and to find her bearings. Her previous series, Martin, were an attempt to reconnect with her half-brother, whom she hadn’t seen for ten years. This new work, An Incomplete History, explores her feelings of absence after her father, whom she had not seen for a long time, died. Having only one object, a fossil, to remember him by, she set out to lay bare the remains after erosion affected a family in Tanzania. 


At a site of historical and archeological importance, she looked through a magnifying glass into what it means to be connected to land and family. Crafted as a love story, the book shows the cruel effects of erosion on belonging and family life, knowing that life goes on.



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ISBN: 9789053308592
Format: 22 x 24.5 cm Grey carton softcover with banderole 96 pages with approx. 52 photos in tritone
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