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Russian House
Sergey Chilikov, Lucia Ganieva, Vadim Gushchin, Sergey Maximishin, Igor Moukhin
29th August 2015 - 7th February 2016




Russian House


Goeun Museum of Photography, South Korea
Evidence by Diana Matar
29th August - 25th November 

Galerie Berthet Aittouarès, Paris, France
Photographie métaphysique 1970-1995 by Mario Giacomelli
6th - 28th November

L'Institut du monde arabe & Maison Européenne de la Photographie, Paris, France
Evidence by Diana Matar, part of the Arab Biennale of Photography
10th November 2015 - 17th January 2016

Book presentation: Mario Giacomelli's Under the Skin of Reality
Photolux Festival, Lucca
Sunday 29th November, 10.00

Book signing: Rifugio by Linda Dorigo & Andrea Milluzzi
Caffè San Marco, Trieste

Book signing: Rifugio by Linda Dorigo & Andrea Milluzzi
Photolux Festival, Lucca
Saturday 5th December, 15.30

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